A happy dog lounging around the house

Which Dogs Need The Least Exercise?

 A happy dog lounging around the house

When you’re thinking about adding a new dog to your family, it’s important to know yourself so that you can choose one that fits into your lifestyle. If you’re looking for a pup to hang out with on the couch, you’ll need to look into low-energy breeds and dogs that don’t need much exercise to be healthy.

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While all dogs need some level of exercise each day, here are 15 breeds that won’t wear you out:

1. Newfoundland

While Newfoundlands are large dogs that can grow up to be around 150 pounds, they are laid-back and sweet-tempered big balls of fluff. This breed is so sweet and gentle that the AKC dubbed it the “nanny” breed. While they do tend to drool a lot, they don’t need much exercise.

2. Basset Hound 

Basset Hounds are short, sweet pups that are known for being easy to train and very laid-back. They are great low-energy dogs that are also extremely patient with others. However, if you’re looking to keep a quiet household, beware—Basset Hounds are known to be talkative and loud.

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3. Saint Bernard

If you’ve ever watched the movie, Beethoven, you might think that Saint Bernards are a handful. However, in reality, the breed is known for its patience and intelligence. Saint Bernards are gentle giants, and like Newfoundlands, they are great low-energy dogs that have a mild temper. They can grow up to 200 pounds, have a loud bark, and droll often, though.

4. Great Dane

Another large dog that’s laid-back and loveable is the Great Dane. They’re about as relaxed and sweet as any breed you can find. They’re easy-going, known to be a total joy to have around, and don’t need much activity. These pups can grow larger than most people when they stand up, but don’t be intimidated; they’re calm, sweet companions.

5. Greyhound

You might know that Greyhounds are some of the fastest dogs around, so you might be surprised to find out that they are renowned couch potatoes. These lovable, charming, and sweet lapdogs (okay, they might not actually fit in your lap) make for a great mild-mannered friend that will lounge around with you and take a lazy day anytime.

6. Neapolitan Mastiff

If you’re looking for a big, intimidating-looking dog that doesn’t really like to play but instead loves cuddles, a Neapolitan Mastiff is a perfect choice. While they are massive 150-pound pups, they have low exercise needs and are extremely low-energy. Their favorite activity is lounging around with the humans they love. Like most large dogs, they have a reputation for drooling, which may or may not be a doggy deal-breaker for you.

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7. Bullmastiff

Bullmastiffs are gentle, friendly giants who are known to be docile, loving, and easy-going. They’re a terrific, low-energy family dog that doesn’t need much exercise or playtime to stay happy. However, like many of the large pups on this list, they can stand more than two feet tall and grow up to 130 pounds. Make sure you have enough room before inviting a Bullmastiff into your home!

8. Dogue de Bordeaux

A relaxed Dogue de Bordeaux puppy

Also called a French Mastiff, this breed is the oldest of French dogs. They are courageous and affectionate dogs; however, training is extremely important. Without proper training, they will try to assert their dominance and be stubborn pups in general. If you don’t mind spending time training them as a puppy, French Mastiffs make for wonderful low-energy companions.

9. English Toy Spaniel

Looking at some smaller dog breeds, the English Toy Spaniel is the perfect fit if you’re looking for a calm, quiet house. They’re under 15 pounds, have gentle demeanors, and are extremely low-energy, leading them to need very little exercise. Here’s a bonus: they also rarely bark! However, English Toy Spaniels are relatively rare in the US, so finding one can be a chore.

10. Maltese

The Maltese breed of dogs is very small with long life spans. If you bring one into your home, you’ll have a devoted friend for many years to come. Maltese are intelligent, low-energy, and get along great with other pets. However, they do enjoy barking and can require intense grooming with all of their luscious fur.

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11. French Bulldog

Also known as Frenchies, the French Bulldog is a low-key, low-energy lapdog that loves to lounge. They are extremely friendly, rarely bark, and don’t need much exercise. Plus, with their infamous bat ears and snorting, they’re always entertaining. French Bulldogs are a popular choice for dogs that need little exercise; however, they are quite expensive to purchase and difficult to find in shelters.

12. Scottish Deerhound

These dogs are tall and wiry-haired that certainly stick out in a crowd. While they do need a backyard to run in, they are a low-energy breed that doesn’t need much exercise other than a few laps in the yard. They are known for having a quiet, dignified personality and make a great addition to any home.

13. Great Pyrenees

If you’re looking for a big, fluffy pup without a lot of energy or exercise needs, a Great Pyrenees might be for you. They’re natural guardians and instinctively nurture other animals that are injured or young. They are known to be mellow and patient with children while not needing much playtime or exercise. However, they do poorly in hot weather and bark quite a bit.

14. Bergamasco Sheepdog

While these big hairy dogs might look like they are difficult to groom, they’re not. In fact, these pups require very little maintenance. They’re easy to please, don’t require much exercise, and are very loving animals. Even with their thick, stunning coat, they are basically maintenance-free and only require a bath about twice a year.

15. Bolognese

A Bolognese dog relaxing outside

These dogs are perfect for someone who works from home or doesn’t spend too much time away from the house. They’re serene, playful, and inactive, but the breed is known to have severe separation anxiety. They don’t shed much but require frequent brushing due to their thick, fluffy fur.

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