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Why Does My Dog Never Bark?

Dogs are not exactly known for being quiet creatures. They love to bark, yip, and howl whenever the mood strikes them.

It's a small wonder why dog owners get so nervous when their pet is quiet! Why does your dog never seem to bark as much as their peers do? The answer here lies in a blend of breed psychology, socialization, and your dog’s unique personality.

Keep on reading to learn about the foundation of dog barking and what you should be concerned (or not concerned) about!

The Consequence of Noisy Dogs

You’re likely reading this list because you’re trying to figure out if something is wrong with your dog. If your dog is tranquil, you’re in a good spot: loud dogs greatly annoy neighbors, visitors, or potential clients. 

The City Of Tacoma, for example, states loud dogs to be against the law. A continuously barking dog can be reported as a noise complaint and be punished with a fine. It’s not just the noise that frustrates people, either. A very loud dog can come off as dangerous, leading to potential altercations.

Similar restrictions exist around the country, all designed to ensure pet owners are training their dogs correctly. When your dog is the other extreme and is too quiet, you can find yourself worried for another reason entirely.
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Why do Dogs Bark?

All animals have a particular feature about them that stands out. Dogs are beloved for their vibrant personalities, love of adventure, and yes…their noisy tendencies!

Dogs bark for the same reason we speak: to communicate. They bark to speak with other dogs, warn away animals, or connect with humans. Sometimes they bark because they hear things we can’t hear! Depending on your dog’s breed, this bark can sound like a baying boom or a high-pitched yelp. 

Another reason dogs bark is because of boredom. Did you know 25% of adults talk to themselves out loud? Speaking aloud is done to work out ideas, reduce feelings of worry, or eliminate boredom. Dogs are similar!

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Dogs take care of us as much as we take care of them. Our philosophy is to provide today’s dog owners with the tools they need to keep their pets fit, active, and happy.

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Why Does My Dog Not Bark?

A quiet dog is a massive relief for many dog owners. However, being too quiet can inspire some worry. You may wonder if your dog is depressed or if something is wrong with their vocal cords.

Let’s take a look at the most common reasons your dog isn’t barking.

Your Dog Breed is Naturally Quiet

Dog breed plays a big part in how noisy your furry friend will be at home. If you have a mixed breed, you might get a blend of different features.

Do you own a Borzoi? How about a Basenji or a French Bulldog? These are very quiet dog breeds that rarely raise their voice, even when they’re excited. 

Your Dog is Getting Older

Like us, older dogs don’t have the energy to be loud and rowdy. If your dog is getting on in their years, their quiet behavior could be a natural side-effect of age.

Your Dog isn’t Feeling Well

This reason is a bigger cause for concern. Some illnesses dogs face can affect their larynx, such as laryngeal disease. If you suspect your dog has come down with this condition, it’s imperative you take them to the vet immediately.

Your Dog is Adjusting to a New Life Change

Your pet could also be quiet because of a recent surgery or because they’re not used to their new home yet. Compare and contrast their behavior now to their behavior a few months ago. Notice anything different?

Dogs cycle through moods just like we do and need time to adjust to change. If they seem perfectly healthy and aren’t refusing food, they could just be a little down.

What are the Noisiest Dog Breeds?

We touched on the quieter dog breeds above. How about the noisier dog breeds? Just like a quiet dog can worry you, a very loud dog is another problem entirely.

Famously loud dogs you should be aware of when bringing a new pet into your home include:

  • Schnauzer
  • Fox Terrier
  • Beagle
  • Basset Hound
  • Huskies
  • Chihuahuas
  • Malamutes

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When your dog doesn’t bark, it’s understandable to be concerned. Dogs usually love to broadcast their every mood to the rest of the world. 

Quiet dogs have a few different reasons for their behavior. This reason could be caused by a particularly quiet breed, such as a Basenji or a Borzoi. You could also have a dog that’s not feeling too well, hence why they don’t have the energy to bark.

It’s also common for dogs to be quiet just because they’re getting old. Pay close attention to your dog’s behavior and contrast it to what you’ve seen them do in the past. You’ll pick up some clues pretty quickly!

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