Australian Shepherd dog on prairie land looking into the distance.

What are the Longest Living Dog Breeds

A dog may be the only creature on Earth that will love you more than it loves itself. Human beings have been breeding dogs for domestication for tens of thousands of years. 

However, it is never a good idea to take dogs for granted. The average dog lives for about 15 years. Some dogs can live for up to 20 years if you exercise them, feed them nutritious diets, and take care of them.

Also, it is usually the smaller breeds of dogs that tend to live longer. Larger dog breeds tend to age relatively faster.

According to an entry from the Guinness Book of World Records, the oldest dog was a cattle dog from Australia named Bluey. Bluey herded cattle and sheep in Victoria, Australia, from 1910, when it was a puppy until it was euthanized in 1939. 

Bluey was allegedly 29 years and five months old.

If you are interested in getting a long-living dog, you must consider the breed, exercise it, feed it nutritional food, and probably settle on a smaller dog.

Here are three dog breeds for you to consider that can live up to 20 years in optimum conditions.

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Chihuahuas are sometimes called "toy dogs" and "purse dogs" because of their miniature size and stature. The average Chihuahua grows to be eight inches tall at best and weighs six pounds at the maximum.

Chihuahuas are famous for being the preferred dogs of the wealthy and tabloid famous. You can spot a Chihuahua by its size, apple-shaped head, expressive eyes, and erect, leaf-like ears. Almost every breed variant of the Chihuahua is identical except for coat color.

The Chihuahua is a national canine symbol of Mexico. Some of the oldest Chihuahua breeds can be traced back to the pre-Columbian kingdoms of the ancient Americas.

Even though this toy dog is incredibly cute, they are extremely territorial, stubborn, and possessive. If you don't train it correctly, a Chihuahua might convince itself that it is in charge of your household. This tiny dog has the heart of a much bigger dog.

Chihuahuas are not built for rough play. Exercise them regularly and buy them sweaters if you live in a cold region. With exercise and a proper diet, a Chihuahua can live anywhere between 15 and 20 years.

Yorkshire Terrier

A cute Yorkshire Terrier in the grass.

The phrase, "it's not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog," may have originally referred to Yorkshire Terrier.

Also known as the Yorkie, the Yorkshire Terrier is viewed as a modern show dog of status. The Yorkshire Terrier is listed in the same toy class of dogs as the Chihuahua.

And just like the Chihuahua, the Yorkshire Terrier's stubbornness, fierceness, and territorial nature are hidden behind its aesthetic cuteness.

Yorkshire Terriers are innately brave, tenacious, and downright bossy. Long before the modern Yorkie became a status symbol of the wealthy, they were used for hunting rats in mines, mills, and factories for the working class.

Yorkie Terriers are very hairy dogs, not furry dogs. Unlike other dogs with furry allergy-activating coats, a Yorkshire Terrier's coat is more comparable to human skin. In other words, Yorkshire Terrier coat hair is hypoallergenic and not likely to cause allergic reactions in its owners.

The average Yorkshire Terrier is about eight inches tall and usually doesn't weigh more than seven pounds. Most Yorkshire Terriers will live anywhere between 11 and 15 years. Larger-sized Yorkies age faster than the smaller ones.


Dachshund resting on a bench.

Dachshunds are miniature to medium-sized breeds and are members of the hound family. They are sometimes called sausage dogs because of their long, slender, sausage-like bodies and tiny feet.

These dogs are playful, vivacious, and sometimes aggressive with people they don't know. Dachshunds are brave, vigilant, stubborn and were initially bred to tirelessly hunt dangerous prey. They are very protective of their households and owners and are optimal for use as watchdogs.

Make sure that you feed it a veterinarian-approved diet and exercise it regularly. Overweight dachshunds can be prone to back and joint problems. And to care to make sure that they don't jump off of beds and couches.

Most dachshunds grow to be about nine inches tall and weigh anywhere between 11 to 32 pounds. A Dachshund can typically live for anywhere between 14 to 20 years.


A cute Maltese wearing a pink sweater and wagging its tongue.

The Maltese are another smaller-sized dog from the toy dog variety. Maltese breeds are staples in dog show competitions and as the pets of the wealthy and elite. In fact, Maltese dogs are ancient purebreds who have been owned by the rich as status symbols since the biblical era.

The Maltese have always been the pets of aristocrats, not just in the modern era.

Maltese have miniature, compact bodies that are adaptable, agile, and quick running. You can spot a quick running Maltese with its shiny floor-length coat maneuvering a dog show a mile away.

Maltese can be very stubborn, headstrong, and independent-minded. You may have to invest in obedience training to make them compliant in the home. Maltese respond well to reward-based obedience training.

The typical Maltese grows to be about seven inches high and weigh just under seven pounds. Most Maltese breeds live anywhere from 11 to 15 years.

Australian Shepherd

An alert Australian Shepherd standing guard in grassland.

The Australian Shepherd is an iconic American dog closely associated with cowboys, rodeo shows, and ranch life. This breed is European in origin and was introduced to California via Australia.

Australian Shepherds are an aggressive herding breed of dog. 

Australian Shepherds will herd anything without focus or training, like livestock, other dogs, birds, and even small children.

The Australian Shepherd is incredibly intelligent, sharp-minded, task-focused, and easily bored. You must keep an Australian Shepherd mentally stimulated to keep it happy. If you are not vigilant, an Australian Shepherd can learn to outsmart you without you even realizing it.

Australian Shepherds are active animals and need to run and exercise every day. If you live a sedentary lifestyle and don't exercise often, then owning an Australian Shepherd may be little more than you can handle.

Australian Shepherds are independent-minded, are protective of owners, family, and property, and enjoy being around children.

The Australian Shepherd can grow to be 23 inches tall and weigh up to 65 pounds. The average Australian Shepherd can live to be anywhere between 11 to 15 years old.

Take Care of Your Pet

A Chihuahua resting on the arm of its owner.

If you would like your beloved dog to live out a long life, then exercise it every day. 

Take for a daily stroll or run in the park. Keep it mentally stimulated with toys and training.

Feed it only food meant to be fed to dogs. Confer with a veterinarian to calculate how much you should feed your dog every day.

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