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Toys for Anxious Dogs

When you have an anxious dog, it can lead to stressful times for you. It can be hard to watch your pup looking stressed out. While your presence can comfort your dog, there are some soothing dog toys that can help distract them throughout the day. Along with that, these toys can create a little purpose and give them a job in your home. 

Dogs can develop nervous energy or separation anxiety. When that happens, a toy or puzzle can help your dog burn off that anxiousness. You don’t need to spend a ton of cash on these toys. An old t-shirt or stuffed animal can often calm down your dog. A soothing distraction can provide some relief for your anxious dog. However, these toys should never substitute addressing obsessive behaviors that need intervention and training. 

Here’s a look at these soothing toys for anxious dogs. 

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Puppy Cuddle Pal

You might think that these toys are just for puppies, but they can help to calm down adult dogs with anxiety. A removable buckwheat packet is concealed in a soft body, and it can be heated in a microwave. That heat will calm the nerves of your anxious pal. Along with that, the soft shape is great to help those dogs snuggle and sleep. Since it has a flat shape, this toy is the ideal choice for a game of fetch. 

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KONG Classic Dog Toy

If you have a dog, you probably own a Kong toy for them. These toys can soothe all types of dogs. Along with that, these toys are vet-recommended. You can stuff some food to keep your dog occupied. The toys will bounce unpredictably around your home, and that is a great way to play fetch. The Kong is an almost indestructible toy with rubber that creates a long-lasting chewing time for your dog.  

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Outward Hound Treat Dispensing Game for Dogs

Some dog toys can create a job for your furry friend. If you want to make a game of “hide-and-seek,” you might want to purchase this treat. With this puzzle board, your dog will have 28 possibilities to find treats on the board. Along with challenging your dog’s brain, it will keep them busy to stop any feelings of anxiousness. You can start at the simple level and build up those problem-solving skills for your furry friend. In addition to eliminating boredom in your home, it can also reduce any destructive behavior and stress

ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide and Seek Toy

You can get an all-in-one squeaky/plush for your dog. In many homes, this has become the ideal choice for those anxious dogs. Your dog can work out all of that anxiety by extracting the bunnies from the squeak toy. The carrot can soothe your dog by allowing the pup to suckle on it. Along with providing fun and sensory stimulation, this toy provides your dog with plenty of soothing playtimes. This toy enables anxious toys to stay busy with its combination of sight, sound, and feel to soothe the senses. Even if your dog chews off the bunnies, you can purchase replacements for the toy.

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Jolly Pets Teaser Ball

You can keep your dog calm with the ball inside a ball. This toy will keep your dog’s mind occupied throughout the day. The outer part is made with a highly durable material, and there is a bright-colored rubber ball inside the ball. The smaller ball can pop out, but your pup must try to toss it around to release it. If you are looking to reward your pet, make sure to put a few treats inside to add some excitement to your pup’s playtime. 

Your Old T-Shirt or Shoe

All of these toys can be purchased at your local dog store, but there is one that is unique to you. Dogs respond well to scent. For that reason, you might want to take off your old shoes or workout shirt and give it to your dog. If you can find something that is heavily used, it will contain more of your scent. Your own scent can provide some comfort to those anxious pets. With a shirt, you might notice a dog snuggling next to it, or your shoe can be used as a homemade chew toy. When dogs are exposed to familiar smells and objects, they will feel more comfortable, and that can stop some anxiety. 

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If your anxious dog is home alone, it might be time to turn on the music. Some dogs love to hear the sounds of music throughout the room. You might want to try some “bio acoustically composed” music to calm your dog. This type of music is designed to appeal to a canine’s sense of hearing. Plus, music will keep your dog distracted from the outdoor sounds that could lead to anxiety. 

Some research has shown that dogs remain calmer with classical music. You might want to use this music for the times you are heading out of the home or right before bedtime. These gentle sounds could even soothe you. 

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Runball Tug Toy

This 2-in-1 dog toy features a durable leather ball. Your anxious dog will enjoy spending hours playing with this toy. Plus, it is perfect for fetch and catch. With its grooves, you can easily add treats inside for some extra fun. This Runball tug is the perfect choice for those anxious dogs who don’t like toys. You might want to add the Runball set for an even better playtime for your furry friend.  

All these toys are great ways to calm down your anxious pet. They can provide hours of fun while keeping them distracted throughout the day. Even simple options, like music and old clothes, can help to relax your pooch

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