10 Delicious Human Foods that You Can Share With Your Dog

10 Delicious Human Foods that You Can Share With Your Dog

Here’s a scenario you’ve no doubt encountered several times during your career as a loving dog owner. You’re sitting down and enjoying a tasty meal, only to find your dog staring up at you longingly.

Should you share your food with them?

It’s common knowledge dogs shouldn’t eat chocolate, garlic, or avocado. It’s also hazardous to give them foods they can choke on, such as chicken bones or large seeds. Let’s break down 10 delicious human foods that you can share with your dog: guaranteed!

Fast Facts About Dog Health

Taking good care of your dog isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Dogs have unique requirements based on age, but they also have different needs based on their breed!

Purebred dogs often have more health problems than mixed-breeds. This is due to hereditary traits passed down through the generations to maintain their disposition and physical appearance. If you have a purebred dog, it’s worth doing a little research to predict possible health hurdles.

Purebred dogs that are known for having several health complications include:

  • Pugs
  • Bulldogs
  • German Shepherds 
  • Dachshunds
  • Greyhounds

Whether your dog is purebred or mixed, it’s important to feed your dog a consistently healthy diet. No matter how hard your pet gives you the puppy eyes, please resist the urge to spoon them a sample from your plate! They may self-medicate by eating grass, but that’s not quite enough. 

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#1: Plain Bread

Ah, one of humanity’s most beloved foods! Giving your dog a little chunk of bread will be just fine. 

Just make sure it doesn’t have any nuts, raisins, or cinnamon. While plain white bread isn’t really nutritious, it can still make for a good snack.

#2: Peanut Butter

Thinking of giving your dog a little spoonful? Spoon away! Peanut butter is very healthy and very tasty to dogs. 

That said, avoid giving them peanut butter with xylitol. This is a sugar alternative that can make your dogs very sick. 

#3: Quinoa

Are you a health nut who loves a bowl of a quinoa to start the day with? Give your dog a taste, as this is a great source of fiber for their diet. 

Again, just make sure your quinoa doesn’t have any nuts inside!

We love to take good care of our dogs. This is the foundation of Try Run Ball and the products we make, all with the intent of improving you and your pet’s relationship.

#4: Ham

This is one food your dog will beg for time and time again. Thanks to its fatty flavor and irresistible smell, you’ll be glad to know ham is a perfectly decent treat. 

Make sure there are absolutely no bones in the meat and keep the portion size small! Ham is pretty salty and isn’t the healthiest of foods.

#5: Corn

Corn is one of the most unsurprising entries on the list, since this vegetable is often used in dog kibble. If you want to give your dog a little extra, go ahead and sprinkle some into their bowl.

Don’t give your dog the entire cob, though! They’ll be tempted to eat the whole thing, which can make them choke or upset their stomach. 

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pug sitting on a bed and looking up at the viewer

#6: Hardboiled Egg

Sometimes you’re craving a hardboiled egg. As it stands, your dog can have some, too! Eggs are chock full of healthy protein, iron, and vitamin D. 

Make sure to take the shell off first. Raw eggs are off-limits for both dogs and humans.

#7: Coconuts

Are you a fan of this fruit? Your dog will no doubt love the flavor and the texture. As long as you correctly deshell the coconut, this is one treat the whole household can enjoy.

#8: Cheese

Cheese is a bit of a doozy. A lot of dogs are lactose-intolerant, so this treat needs testing beforehand. 

If your dog can eat cheese, then go ahead and share! Just expect them to be a little gassy (and they might try to hide these treats for later, which can lead cheese to rot).

#9: Apples

This fruit is beloved for its vitamin C and delicious crunch. Give your dog a few apple slices to cheer them up. 

Apples that are heavily bruised or starting to rot should be thrown out. While dogs may act like they have a cast-iron stomach, the reality of the matter is quite different.

#10: Watermelon

Choose this fruity treat for a hot day! Watermelon is wet and crunchy, two details dogs go head-over-heels for. 

Before giving your pet a slice, remove all seeds. Seeds can cause intestinal blockage and upset stomachs. 

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a black spaniel and an orange spaniel licking their lips and looking past the camera for food


It’s lovely to want to share your meals with your dog. They’re a part of your family and it’s natural to want everyone to be on the same page!

Not all foods are created equal, though. Dogs can’t eat chocolate, garlic, raisins, nuts, and avocado. This is due to containing chemicals that they can’t properly digest. The 10 delicious human foods you can share with your dog are:

  • Ham
  • Watermelon
  • Apples
  • Cheese
  • Coconut
  • Hardboiled egg
  • Plain bread (no nuts or cinnamon!)
  • Quinoa
  • Corn
  • Peanut butter

What else can you share with your dog? Happy memories and fun times. Contact us today to learn how you can enhance your daily fetch, chase, and tug-o-war games!