Most Popular Male Dog Names Of 2021

Most Popular Male Dog Names Of 2021

Naming your dog is one of the most fun parts of being a dog owner.

Naming your dog is one of the most fun parts of being a dog owner. You get to choose any name you want. The possibilities are endless! 

But naming your dog can take time and sometimes feel overwhelming, especially when you’re getting to know your new puppy (or adopted old man) and are training. 

So what’s a good name for a male dog?

That depends on two factors: the personality of your dog and what kind of name you want. Do you want a funny name? A classic name? A food name?

Listed below are the top male dog names of 2021. But we didn’t just list random names. We categorized them into groups and with their meaning. From Disney names, sports names, celebrity names… we got you covered.

So, without further introduction, here are the top male dog names of 2021!

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Duke is the title of nobility. Great for a curious, impulsive pet.

15 Most Popular Male Dog Names of 2021 

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Let’s start with the most popular dog names and their meanings, then we’ll move on to the fun categories!

  1. Louie

1. Louie

Louie, or Louis, is an old English name that means “famous warrior.” Plenty of well-known people in history has been named Louie, including the famous King Louis XIV of France.

2. Rocky

Rocky is an Anglo-Saxon name found in both English and German nationalities. Rocky means “rest” and is well-known as the name of the famous boxer from the 1976 film Rocky Balboa.

3. Bear

Bear can be German, English, or French and pays homage to the strong mammal. 

4. Duke 

Another old English name, Duke is the title of nobility. Great for a curious, impulsive pet.

5. Max

Max is a Latin name and means “the greatest.” Max is a firm, classic name for a dog and is timeless!

6. Buddy

Buddy is a friendly name that originates from old English and means, you guessed it, friend!

7. Gus

Gus is a nickname for other names like Gustov, Gustoff, and Giuseppe, so the nationality depends. Regardless, its roots are in Latin and can mean “great,” “leader,” and “support.” 

8. Murphy

Murphy can also be spelled as Murphey and comes from Irish and Scottish origin. Murphy means “Descendant of Murchadha” or “Descendant of Sea Warrior.” 

9. Ollie

Ollie is a nickname for Oliver and is of Latin origin. You can find the name Ollie in many languages, so the meaning may vary, but the most common definition is “elf army.”

10. Teddy

Teddy, or Ted, is a nickname for Theodore and is of old English origin. Teddy means “wealth,” “fortune,” or “divine gift.”

11. Winston

Winston is an old English name derived from Wynn, meaning “joy,” and Stonn meaning “stone.” However, the name Winston stands alone with its own meaning “from Wina’s town.”

12. Finn

Finn comes from the Irish and Scottish language and means “blonde warrior.” A perfect name for a yellow lab, golden retriever, and a chihuahua

13. Charlie 

Charlie, a nickname for Charles, is an old English name that means “free man.” Charlie has been a beloved name for many pets, leaders, and fictional characters throughout history.

14. Hank

Interestingly, the name Hank is unique to the American English language and means “ruler of the home.” However, Hank is a surname of the old English name Hankin. A popular children’s book series called Hank the Cowdog has made the term popular amongst farm dogs.

15. Tucker

Tucker, or Tuck, is an old English name that means “softener of cloth” or “garment maker.” Tucker stems from the old English word “tucian.”

Two farm puppies hang out on the fence.

Other Popular Male Dog Names of 2021

Food Male Dog Names

Food is great. And let’s face it. A pet named after food is hilarious and cute at the same time. Here are 5 male dog names inspired by food!






Disney Male Dog Names

Hard-core Disney adults are assured to give their male dog a firm Disney name. Here are 5 boy dog names inspired by beloved Disney movies.






Celebrity Male Dog Names

Celebrity names are household names, so why not name the dog in your house after your favorite actor? Remember, not all actors are human!






Small Male Dog Names

Sometimes, when our dogs are small, we want to give them a name that compliments their size. Here are 5 small boy dog names.






Big Male Dog Names

Likewise, when our dogs are big boys, we want to give them a name that shows their strength. Here are 5 big male dog names!






Sports Male Dog Names

Why not name your boy dog after your favorite sports athlete or team? Here are 5 popular male names for dogs in 2021. 






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Indian Male Dog Names

Indian male dog names are pretty famous for dogs. Here are 5 popular Indian male dog names of 2021.






Irish Male Dog Names

Irish is a Gaelic language and is compelling. Give your male dog a robust and thought-provoking name by choosing an Irish name.






French Male Dog Names

French is the language of love, and we want our pups to feel as loved as possible! Here are 5 French boy dog names. 






Spanish Male Dog Names

Many people speak Spanish. Give your furry boy a Spanish name different from his furry peers in puppy class!






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What is the #1 Male Dog Name of 2021?

We’ve discussed several male dog names, but what’s the #1 most popular name of 2021?


Cooper is a gender-neutral name and means “Barrel Maker”. You can learn more about the name Cooper here.

Remember that it’s okay to take your time with names. Discover who your dog is and, soon enough, you’ll pick the perfect name!

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