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30 Dog Toys That Will Keep Your Dog Entertained

Bored dogs can quickly become destructive. There are a few ways that you can alleviate your dogs' boredom. Here are our top picks for keeping your dog busy all day long. 

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Runball wants to make sure your dog is always having fun. So here is our list of 30 dog toys to keep your dog entertained. Check out our one-of-a-kind toys.

  1. Kong original. These toys are made to last. Power chewers may need to upgrade to the black Xtra tuff Kong. These toys have an opening that allows you to put treats on one end to keep your dog entertained. Peanutbutter is another excellent option.
  2. Nylabone. Their power chew dental dinosaur is a long-lasting toy that many dogs love. Its nylon base helps provide good chewing habits.
  3. Nina Ottosson Dog Worker puzzle. Keep your dog's mind sharp with this three-tier puzzle.
  4. Dura Chew S Bone. Another Nylabone special that helps not only to entertain your dog, but it helps keep their teeth clean while they chew. 
  5. Go Dog Go, fetch machine. This might not be good for indoor play, but it's a great way to entertain your dog while outside. Help them stop digging or other destructive behavior with an endless game of fetch. 
  6. Teething ring chew toy. Just like babies, puppies need to work those gums. Because these toys can go into the freezer, they make the perfect cooling toy for a hot summer day. 
  7. Pet Qwerks Animal Sound X-Tire Ball Dog Toy.  Adds fun to the common tire chew. This ball makes more than fifteen different animal sounds and is activated by touch. However, unlike other similar toys, this ball is protected by a heavy rubber so even power chewers can enjoy it.
  8. Runball Tug. This is the ultimate tug toy. The leather ball is durable and has grooves that can hold treats. This toy provides endless fun in a variety of ways. 
  9. Chuck It. While this takes a bit of people's power, this tennis ball flinging system is excellent for high-energy dogs who just love to play ball. 
  10. Jawz Frisbie. Not every dog loves a ball, and this disk by Hyperflite is puncture resistant and comes in an array of colors, including glow-in-the-dark for nighttime fun. 
  11. Ruffwear Gnaw-A-Rock treat dispenser. This hard rubber ball offers your dog a way to get a few extra snacks into their day. Perfect for indoors when your away. 
  12. Talking babble ball. Not every dog is a chewer. If your pup loves the thrill of the chase more, this toy is for you. As your dog interacts with it, the babble ball talks to your dog. With easy-to-identify phrases, it's perfect for when you are away, so your pup doesn't feel so alone. 
  13. Flossy rope. The best for dental care. These rope toys are perfect for your dog to tug and play with. They are even more fun with friends, and multi-dog houses will get extra hours of entertainment from these toys.

Two dogs playing with rope toy

  1. Runball rope toy extension. Take fun to a new distance. With three different lengths, it's easy to change up the game. Interchangeable with other Runball products.
  2. Agility starter kit. More so equipment for a fun game rather than a toy, but your dog won't mind. Many dogs naturally love practicing their agility skills, and it's a great sport to get into.
  3. Rawhide Chew. Dogs naturally love these toys and will spend hours gnawing away at them. Keep an eye on them. Sometimes chips can be broken off and can become a choking hazard. We recommend only offering these to your dog when you can keep an eye on them. 
  4. Sweet potato chew. A natural alternative to rawhide chews. Dogs love sweet potatoes, and it's a mix of a toy and treats all in one simple chew. 
  5. Football by Kong. Perfect if you have kids and dogs. The muffled squeaker inside of it isn't nearly as annoying as most squeaky toys. 
  6. Tuffy Ultimate Ring. These toys are durable. Some big cats in zoos have even played with them. This ring provides hours of playtime, and with different sounds, including rattle and squeak, your dog won't be getting bored anytime soon.
  7. Hide-a-squirrel. This plush toy is like getting four toys in one. It offers hours of fun for your dog and 2-in-1 interactive play. Perfect for fetch, hide-and-seek. And you can even order replacement critters. 
  8. Antlers. Natural fun. These chews are durable, and dogs love them. They support bone and muscle health and offer a natural chew that dogs love—a simple way to keep your dog entertained. 

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  1. Stuffless plush toy. Dogs are entertained with these toys because they flop around. People love them because there's no stuffing in them to get all over the house. Some have squeakers in them, so be aware. 
  2. Hyper Dog. Rocket launch your playtime with these interactive tennis ball launchers. 
  3. Spunky Pup Fish fly and fetch. Go fishing for dogs with this crazy, fun interactive game. Because it's made from nylon, this stretch and release game offers plenty of entertainment for your dog. 
  4. Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy. This wobbly treat dispenser will keep your dog entertained until it runs out. Durable and fun. 
  5. Treat-Dispensing Pickle Pocket for Dogs. Who doesn't love a little snack? Dogs go crazy over this wobbly little dispenser. They have to work for it, though, meaning your dog will stay entertained all day long. 
  6. Beginner Dog Puzzle Toy. Mentally stimulate your dog with this level one interactive game. Great for all-sized breeds and helps to reduce boredom. 
  7. The Dog Smart is an interactive toy that will prepare your canine companion to use his or her brain like they have never used before. Suitable for any breed and size.
  8. Pet Snuffle Mat Feed Game for Dog. A fun way for your dog to eat. While this can help with entertaining your pup, this also is a great way to slow down speedy eaters. 
  9. Runball Exercise. This is the ultimate outdoor toy. Perfect for dogs that prefer a game of keep-away as opposed to fetching. The parts are also easy to replace so that you won't have to ever worry about running out of fun. 

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Dog retrieving ball in water.

There are many more fun and interactive toys that will keep your dog entertained, so find out what your dog loves and find similar toys to try. It's always a howling good time. 

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