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10 Best Dog Breeds That Get Along With Cats

It’s no secret that dogs and cats have a reputation for being archenemies. However, dogs and cats can live together happily and even become friends. Whether they get along or not depends on various factors, like the two pet’s personalities and the dog’s breed. It’s also crucial to socialize them and properly introduce them to each other to give them the best chances of friendship.

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How Different Dog Breeds Interact With Cats

Properly introducing your dog and cat can go a long way towards building a friendship, but certain dog breeds show instinctive behaviors that can affect how well they typically get along with cats.

For example, dogs grouped in with Terrier breeds were bred to hunt historically, and hounds are naturally determined chasers. With these breeds, a running cat can bring out their more predatory impulses. Herding dogs, who were typically trained to protect and gather livestock, may not do as well with cats because they tend to corral the other animals they interact with.

On the other hand, dog breeds that are known for having lower energy levels and easygoing personalities generally get along the best with cats. For example, the toy dog breed group includes lap dogs that make great furry friends for cats because of how friendly they are. Likewise, the sporting dog breed group includes breeds known to be friendly to both humans and other animals.

However, it’s important to note that the personalities of dog breed groups are generalizations, and plenty of dogs can make friends with cats because each one has its own unique personality and tendencies.

Now, let’s look at ten dog breeds that typically get along well with cats. Just remember to keep in mind that the dog’s and cat’s personalities play a large role in their relationship, too.

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  1. Golden Retrievers

As one of the best dog breeds that get along with cats, “golden” is the perfect word to describe this breed. Golden retrievers are empathetic, kind, and readily accept cats as part of their family. However, if you get a Golden Retriever, you should train them early on not to chase after your cat. Once you’ve accomplished that, Golden Retrievers, with their happy-go-lucky personalities, are sure to make a great friend to your cat. Plus, this breed is innately amiable to people and other pets!

  1. Labrador Retrievers

This breed, commonly called Labs, are lovers. They usually will happily welcome your cat into their life. Along with making friends with cats, Labs are gentle giants who make great companions for children, too. Although Labs don’t get jealous easily and are willing to share their space with cats, your cat must also be willing to share its space.

  1. Beagles

Beagles are amiable and typically enjoy cat company. Bred to hunt in packs, Beagles seem to view cats as fellow group members. However, it’s important to stick to a single Beagle; when together, they form a pack mentality and might start teaming up on the cat. In addition, beagles are highly sociable, making them a pleasure to be around for people and other animals alike.

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  1. Pugs

Pugs are the epitome of friendly dogs, and they are generally great with cats. As long as your cat is willing to let a Pug into their life, they will often become quick friends. Because Pugs need lots of attention, they usually love to play with their kitty friend while the humans are away. Plus, Pugs love to lounge around and are unlikely to chase the cat. Pugs are innately sweet dogs and get along with many small animals.

A happy Pug sticking its tongue out
  1. Bichon Frises

This breed is known to be happy and entertaining, making them great playmates and siblings for cats. However, Bichon Frises’ are quite outgoing, and they can be overwhelming for cats who don’t like social interaction. A Bichon Frise will typically befriend any cat who tolerates its outgoing and charming personality.

  1. Shetland Sheepdogs

Although Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties) are a herding breed, they are friendly with cats. They have a welcoming attitude, mild nature, and high trainability, which makes Shelties a great choice for cat owners. Once they learn how they should behave around the cat, they will follow those behaviors and easily take orders around them. Shelties also tend to bark a lot when they get bored, and a cat friend can keep them company and help curb that behavior.

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  1. Basset Hounds

Although Basset Hounds are natural hunters, they are more interested in hunting for food than hunting the cat. They can be stubborn during training, but they have an overall laid-back personality and are friendly with other animals, including cats. Their easygoing attitude makes for a great invitation for the cat to join them and cuddle up with their new furry friend.

  1. Poodles

All sizes of Poodles can make an excellent kitty friend. Toy Poodles typically enjoy playing with cats, Miniatures tend to tolerate them, and Standards like to pretend the cat doesn’t exist. Poodles are a breed that is dedicated to their family, and their protective instincts even extend to their cat siblings. Poodles are an active breed that needs lots of playtime and walks, and it’s important to meet their activity needs so that they can have a better relationship with a cat.

  1. Malteses

Malteses are known to get along with cats, likely due to their mellow nature; they’re more likely to be preoccupied with lying on the couch instead of meddling in that cat’s business. As long as your cat doesn’t tease the Maltese by playing with its long hair, the two will likely get along just fine!

  1. Boston Terriers

While Terriers aren’t typically the best with cats, Boston Terriers are an exception. Although they might chase cats sometimes, it’s typically their way of playing rather than their prey drive. Boston Terriers are known for their good tempers and are typically polite with cats and other animals. They make a great addition to a cat family!

A Boston Terrier giving his human a high five

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