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Best Gifts To Give When Going To A Pet Memorial

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is never easy. When a friend or family member loses their pet, it’s not uncommon to bring them sympathy cards or other gifts to show your support. If you’ve never been to a pet memorial, you might not know what kind of gift to bring.

Use these suggestions for inspiration to choose the perfect gift.

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A Gift That Preserves Their Memory

The best pet memorial gifts are the ones that help preserve a special memory of your family or friend’s lost pet. Gifting them something that they can display in their home and give their beloved pet a place of honor is a perfect way to show that you care.

Some pet memorial gift ideas to preserve a pet’s memory are:

  • A commissioned painting of their favorite picture of their pet—whether it’s a digital or painted image, it makes for an exceptionally thoughtful gift.
  • You can also simply frame their favorite photo of their pet and decorate it.
  • Give them a painted paw print of their pet and frame it along with a quote that will remind them of their lost friend.
  • Use a preserved paw print and create a memorial statue for their garden. You can also include the pet’s birthday, name, etc.
  • Alternatively, find a commemorative statue for their garden that looks similar to their pet.
  • You can create a shadow box frame that includes a photo of their pet with its favorite toy.
  • A custom blanket with their pet’s photo on it can be a great way to let them continue cuddling with their furry friend.
  • Create a photo album filled with pictures of their pet.
  • Gift them a keepsake box that holds important items to honor their pet’s memory, including photos, their collar, toys, etc.

A Gift That’s Sentimental

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You can also show your support to someone grieving the loss of their pet by gifting them something that reminds them of their lost friend. Examples include:

  • A keychain—there are so many options, and you can choose one most appropriate for your friend or family member and the pet they lost. It can be as simple as an animal-shaped ornament, or you can put a small photo of their pet along with an engraved name.
  • A small figurine or statue of their pet that they can carry around with them anywhere they go
  • An engraved wind chime—these are popular gifts for people who’ve lost their pets because the sound of the chimes works to remind them of their pet who passed.
  • A small stuffed animal that resembles their beloved pet
  • A piece of jewelry that represents their animal—for example, you could get them a charm bracelet with a bone, dog food bowl, paw print, etc. Or you could have their pet’s name engraved on a ring or necklace.
  • A donation to your local animal shelter in their pet’s name
  • A tree planted in their favorite park in memory of their pet
  • A star named after their pet with a map showing its location
  • A personalized ornament that reminds them of their pet during the holidays
  • A useful, unique gift like coasters with an engraving or image portraying their pet
  • A personalized storybook that depicts their pet going on a playful adventure
  • A memorial bookmark that includes a poem about their loving pet
  • A dog tag with their pet’s name engraved on it—they can wear it on a necklace, use it as a keychain, or hand it on the mirror in their car.

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A Gift of Comfort

Other than gifts specifically related to their pets, you can also give them something to bring them comfort and show your support. Here are some ideas:

  • Bring them a meal. Whenever a friend or family member experiences a loss, it’s never a bad idea to bring them their favorite food or a treat. While grieving, many people don’t think about eating, and they’ll appreciate some comfort food as a pick-me-up. Gift baskets, including comfort food, drinks, and treats, are a great idea!
  • Give them a comfy (or even weighted) blanket to cuddle with—you can even include some comfy socks, hot cocoa, etc. to create the ultimate comfy gift basket.
  • Offer to take them to a movie, spa, or their favorite restaurant when they feel up to it. A relaxing night out might be what they need most after losing their beloved pet.
  • Take on some of their errands, like grocery shopping, to take on some of their everyday burdens while they grieve.
  • Offer to clean their home or to pay for a cleaning service, so they have one less thing to do.
  • Give them a journal to document their memories of their pet or jot down their feelings while they heal.
  • Gift them a basket filled with pampering treats like slippers, lotion, bath bombs, etc.
  • Think of something that can help distract them, like a coloring book or mini zen garden.
  • Offer to help organize a memorial service for their pet, prepare some kind words to speak, and get their other friends and family members involved.

A Gift for Children

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Losing a pet can be extremely tough for children, and you might be thinking about getting them something too. Here are some gifts that can help distract them and help with the healing process:

  • Coloring books and crayons
  • A movie and popcorn
  • A new game to play with them
  • A puzzle to do together
  • Bake some sweets with them
  • Bring your favorite books and read them together.
  • Give them a stuffed animal of their pet.

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Giving a gift at a pet memorial can help you show someone who lost their beloved pet that you’re thinking about them and are there to offer your support. Use this list of ideas to find the perfect one for your friend or family member who recently lost their furry best friend.

Thinking about losing your dog can be ruff—if you know someone who recently lost their pet, you might be thinking about spoiling yours. Treat your pup with the best treats and toys!