Adult and puppy German Shepherds

Are German Shepherds Good With Kids?

Are you considering adopting a German Shepherd?

Or are you dog boarding one of these massive dogs? Either way, if you have children, you'll need to know whether German Shepherds are good with kids before introducing them to these canines.

While many know that German Shepherds hold a reputation for having aggressive behaviors, they are good with children as long as you train them while they're pups.

To give you a better understanding of how German Shepherds will interact with children—yours or someone else—we will first need to understand these canine’s personalities.

Afterward, we will explore how this breed of dogs interacts with children in general and some tips to keep children safe around these canines. Moreover, we will go over whether it is possible to socialize a German Shepherd.

What Is the Personality of a German Shepherd Like?

The personality of a German Shepherd can vary.

Firstly, you will find this breed of dogs to have guardian instincts. How these instincts reflect on her character matters on how you train her.

On the one hand, if you train her well, you'll have an intelligent canine that's full of energy and stamina.

Conversely, if you don't train her well, you'll find a nervous and aggressive dog who may be ready to pounce if she feels a stranger is doing anything that she could deem dangerous.

Fortunately, you won't have difficulty training German shepherds, especially if you train her from when she's a puppy.

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Will My German Shepherd Treat My Kid Well?

Your German Shepherd will treat your kid well depending on if you trained your canine well. Moreover, this breed is full of energy, and she'll be able to keep up with playing with your kid without getting tired.

If your kid provokes your dog, then your pup will likely defend herself. So, it would be in your—and your child's—best interest to teach your kid about how to interact with your German Shepherd.

How Do German Shepherds Get Along With Young Children and Babies?

Young children and babies will likely find themselves facing injuries when around German Shepherds.

Not because the canine's unfriendly to them in general.

Because younger kids (four and under) are more likely to provoke these pups, a study suggests they will face more injuries than older children.

If you have a child under five years old, you should always ensure you supervise them if a German Shepherd—or most dog breeds—is around.

How Are German Shepherds With Kids That Are Not in My Family?

​​barking German shepherd

While a German Shepherd in your family could have a close relationship with your children, the same may not apply to children outside of your family.

Since these canines are usually wary of strangers and may face provocation from children who aren't in your family, you may find your dog more on her guard than usual.

Are Male or Female German Shepherds Better With Kids?

For the most part, you will find female German Shepherds get along better with kids. Compared to their male counterparts, they have a more gentle personality and are often friendlier toward their families.

Moreover, male German Shepherds mark their territory and act more aggressively, leading to unwanted potential injuries to children, especially if your child were to provoke one of these pups.

Since female German Shepherds generally have less muscle mass than their male counterparts, they won't be too powerful for your children when they play with the family dog.

Is It Possible To Socialize My German Shepherd?

Ideally, it is possible to socialize your German Shepherd if you train them from the moment they're born.

For those who may not know, socializing is when you teach your dogs to behave well around humans and other animals.

Anyway, onto socializing your dog.

The best time to train your German Shepherd puppy is between eight and 20 weeks because that is when they absorb information the best. From there, you will want to introduce them to everyday noises, places, people, and objects.

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What Are Tips To Keep Children Safe Around German Shepherds?

When getting your children used to a German Shepherd or introducing them to someone else's canine, it would be wise to keep the following tips in mind:

  • Don't let your children disturb canines during their activities: this includes eating and chewing on bones and treats.
  • Exercise your dog: wear them out so they are less likely to release pent-up energy.
  • Develop your child and dog's relationship: this can include activities involving your kid in dog grooming or having them play with each other daily.
  • Supervise: ensure you keep a close eye on your kid and German Shepherd until they develop a relationship.
  • Socialize your canine: when your new pup comes into your home, build their social skills as soon as possible.

Moreover, you may want to educate your child on what not to do to prevent your children from provoking German Shepherds by covering areas such as boundaries.

Do German Shepherds Get Along With Children?

German Shepherd dog playing in the snow

German Shepherds make excellent playmates for children due to their high energy and stamina. However, we highly recommend training her as a pup or ensuring that you teach her, later on, to get along with children.

Moreover, if you find yourself bringing your child to a home with a German Shepherd, you may want to slowly introduce them first if the owner is unsure whether their pup will get along with your child.

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An Alternative to Occupy a German Shepherd

If you find your German Shepherd's enormous level of energy and stamina too much for your children to handle, you may want to consider a toy that'll help your canine level herself out.

That's why toys such as Runball exist.

It's a multipurpose dog toy that allows you to play with your dog, give them plenty of exercise, and tire them out in a relatively short amount of time.

If you’re looking for an excellent way to occupy your German Shepherd or wear them out, a Runball is the toy that you need.