Runball Tug - The Ultimate Pull and Tug Toy
Runball Tug Toy is a 2 in 1 dog toy equipped with a durable leather ball and a tightly sealed rope going through the ball that's bound by leather for added strength. Runball Tug is great for tug of war, fetch, and catch. Choose from either a small 5cm ball or a large 7cm ball. The ball comes with grooves so you can add treats, and train even the most stubborn dogs that don't like to play with dog toys. If you want the full Runball experience, upgrade to our Runball set for the best experience.

Product Specifications and Features

  • Small Dog Ball comes with a 5cm dog toy ball bound with leather

  • Runball is fully modular and is a dog rope toy, treat toy, teething toy, exercise toy, outdoor toy, indoor toy, fetch toy, catch toy, and much more.

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Great For Medium & Large Dogs

  • Have Fun Indoors and Outdoors

  • Replaceable Dog Toy Ball

See Runball In Action

Long Rope Sold Separately

  • YES Our dog toy ball is durable 

  • YES Runball is great for chewers

  • YES Runball is great for exercise

  • YES Runball is great for training


  • Haven't Tested Product Extensively

  • Not Modular or Easily Replaceable

  • Only Supports Indoor or Outdoor Play

  • Not Multipurpose


  • Extensively Tested With Large Dogs

  • Replaceable Dog Ball and Rope

  • Supports Indoor and Outdoor Play

  • Multipurpose Dog Toy

How We Transformed Dog Toys

How do you improve dog toys? Runball incorporates movement and play into your daily routine for healthier, and happier dogs! -Throw it like a ball to engage your pet's natural chase instinct and burn off extra energy. Dog toys reinvented to make your dog feel happier. 

Save Your Health

 Runball is great for outdoor exercise for both your and your dog.

Save Your Money

Instead of buying a whole new toy when it breaks, Runball sells a replaceable ball and rope.

Great Family Fun

Play with your family either indoors or outdoors. You'll have some of the best fun period.


Is The Dog Toy Ball Durable?

Yes! Runball Dog Toy Ball is durable and should be able to withstand even the strongest chewers. 

Does The Tether Come With The Ball Toy?

No! The long tether doesn't come with the dog ball toy. Please look at our bundle or buy the tether seperately.

What Makes Our Dog Tug Toy Special?

It's multipurpose. It's a ball toy, a tug toy, an extension toy for long tether. Great for outdoors, and indoors. It's a unique one of a kind dog toy and it's recommended to buy our dog toy bundle to get the full use of it.

Can Runball Still Be Used If My Dog's Don't Like Tug?

Yes! Even if your dogs don't like to play tug of war or like dog toys, you can still use Runball for training by adding treats to the ball.

When Should I Replace The Dog Toy Ball?

If the dog toy ball is damaged, too thin, or unusable then we recommend replacing it. Please always monitor dog play.

Can I Give The Tug Toy To Any Sized Dog?

We recommend our dog toys for medium to large dogs. 

How Long Does It Take To Ship?

We process all orders within 2 business days, and we ship out of California. Typically it takes anywhere between 3 to 7 days to get your order!

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