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Top 30 Best Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

It can be frustrating to have an aggressive chewer. You purchase a cute toy from the store, and he has destroyed it in a matter of minutes. If you are looking for some of the best toys for your aggressive chewer, here are a few choices for you. From those popular Kongs to stuffed plushies, these are the ideal toys for your feisty chewing pal. 

30. Red Kong Rubber Flyer

Kong is known to produce some great toys for dogs, especially those aggressive chewers. This rubber flyer toy set comes in a pack of two, and it is the perfect toy to give your aggressive chewer some exercise

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29. PerSuper Durable Dog Toy

Need a nearly indestructible dog toy? Then you should check out these balls from PerSuper. They are designed for those aggressive chewers. Plus, these toys will give you a chance to spend some playtime with your dog. 

28. Legendog Tough Rubber Dog Ball with Rope

If your dog loves balls and rope toys, you cannot go wrong with this Legendog toy. The rubber balls on this toy are about the size of tennis balls, and your dog will spend hours chewing away on this toy. You can find these toys in a pack of three, and they will keep your dog's teeth in tip-top shape. 

27. Bionic by Outward Hound

If you are looking for something different from a standard ball, check out these Bionic toys. They have a bone shape, and you can get them in three different colors: orange, green, and purple. 

26. goDog Furballz

Your dog doesn't just need balls and rope for their playtime. You can grab this furry toy for your chew-loving dog. While many plushies could be destroyed in a matter of minutes, this one is completely indestructible

25. TufTed Blue Dog Toy for Large and Small Dogs

This TufToy is almost indestructible, and they allow your dog to chew or play a game of pull with you. Your dog can chew all day, and there will not be any signs of damage to this blue toy. 

24. Indestructible Toys Tough Fetch Toy

Are you looking for a big and bright-colored toy for your aggressive chewer? This toy is a popular choice for many pet owners, especially if you want to play a game of tug of war. You can even throw it for a game of fetch. 

23. MagicCindy - Rope & Ball

Dogs love those rope and ball toys. Magic Cindy makes these fantastic toys. You can use them to throw to your dog or allow the dog to carry it around your yard. These toys are guaranteed to provide hours of fun for your strong chewers

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22. goDog Sherpa Baby Dragon

This goDog plush dragon has a chew guard. It is an excellent choice for those bigger dogs. Your heavy chewers can finally have fun with a toy that will not get destroyed in minutes. 

21. Goughnuts Doughnut Chew Ring

These dog toys are specially made for those aggressive chewers. It is shaped in a doughnut and comes in the color green. Your dog will carry around this toy throughout the day while chewing on the indestructible rubber. 

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20. Pet Ph.D. Dog Chew

This toy from Pet Ph. D is designed to handle all those hours of chewing. You will love this toy as it brings hours of fun for your furry pal. You can also use this toy to spend a little playtime with your dog. 

19. Oneisall Large Dog Chew 

If you have an aggressive chewer, you will want to purchase this green dog toy. This toy is designed for long-lasting fun, and it is made with non-toxic materials

18. Outward Hound Firehose Dog Toy

Outward Hound designs this simple toy, but it provides hours of fun for your dog. This red-colored toy is perfect for a game of fetch, or you can use it as a reward for training purposes. 

17. SPOT Play Strong Trident

This bright, red color dog toy is a great choice for those aggressive chewers. You can use this toy for those training sessions or allow your dog to have some outdoor fun. 

16. Otterly Pets 8-Pack of Heavy Duty Chews

Looking for a bit of variety for your dog? You can pick up this 8-pack of toys from Otterly Pets. This selection of toys is made for aggressive chewers, and your dog has plenty of options to choose from for playtime


15. FurryFido Pink Interactive Chew Toy

FurryFido's interactive dog toys are great for heavy chewers. You can also use them for training your puppy. In any case, these toys will provide plenty of fun for your dog. 


14. Indestructa Chew Toy

Dogs love balls, and Indestructa makes its own dog toys for aggressive chewers. With these toys, you can train your dog to retrieve the ball while they are allowed to chomp on the toy without causing damage. 


13. Monster K9 Toys

Monster K9 Dog Toys make perfect toys to bounce and throw around your yard. With this indestructible design, your dog can chew to his heart's content

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12. Snug Rubber Dog Balls - 3 Pack

What dog doesn't love balls? With these Snug balls, your dog is in for a ton of fun playtimes. You can even use them for training your four-legged pal


11. Nylabone Durable Chew Toy

Throughout the years, dog owners have sworn by Nylabone. Your dog will enjoy chewing on these bones, and they come in a variety of flavors.

10. Nylabone Ring Power Chew

If you want a toy that your dog will love, then you should check out this Power Ring from Nylabone. These toys are designed for long-term use, and it is a great choice for those aggressive chewers. 

9. Ethical Pets Strong S Bone

Another entry from Ethical Pets. Your dog will love this fun shape, and they can run and play with this toy all day long. 

8. Kong Extreme Rubber Ball

This Kong rubber ball is a solid choice for aggressive chewers. Your dog might never want to give it up. 

7. goDog Chicken Dog Toy

As you can already tell, goDog is the brand that designed plenty of plush toys for aggressive chewers. This chicken is a great toy for your dog, and you will want to add this one to your dog's toy box. 

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6. Goughnut Indestructible Maxx Chew 

Dogs love stick-like toys. Make sure to purchase this Goughnut Maxx Stick. Since it is almost indestructible, it will last for a long time with your strong chewer. 

5. Jackpack Colorful Rainbow Chew 

You can add some color to your dog's toy arsenal with this heavy-duty chew toy from Jackpack. This toy is an excellent option for those dogs who love to chew and retrieve

4. Jumbler Ball Toy by Kong

Kong makes an exceptional ball toy for your aggressive chewer. These toys are great for training your dog to fetch

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3. GOCooper Rope Giraffe 

GOCopper makes a great toy for those strong chewers. Your dog can spend plenty of hours chewing on this cute giraffe. Plus, they will hold up to heavy usage. 

2. Nylabone Power Chew

If you have a big dog, you should grab the Nylabone Monster. These toys are durable, and they will last for a very long time. Turkey leg is one of the most popular flavors

  1. Runball Tug Toy

This 2-in-1 toy takes the top slot. This toy is an excellent choice for a game of catch, war, or fetch. You can even add treats in the ball's grooves. 

Now that you know the 30 best toys for aggressive chewers, you can go out and find the perfect one for your furry friend

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