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Need To Leave Your Dog Alone? Here are Dog Breeds Can Be Left By Themselves

Sometimes you have no choice but to leave your dog alone for long periods of time. Life moves at a breakneck pace, whether you’re shopping for groceries or doing overtime at work.

It’s well-known that dogs can fall into bad habits when they’re left alone for too long. They might pee on your bed or couch if they’re too stressed out. They may chew on furniture to relieve their boredom. If you’re a busy person and are considering buying a specific dog breed, you’ll need one that can be left alone.

It’s common for dog owners to choose breeds that are highly adapted to their lifestyle, such as dogs that shed less or easily trained dogs. Let’s take a look at the most famously independent and low-maintenance dog breeds to get you started!

Why do Dogs Struggle to Be Left Alone?

“Why do dogs struggle to be left alone?” is a common question by frustrated owners who come back home to smelly couches and chewed shoes. While cats are known to be a little more hands-off (usually), dogs often need more oversight.

The reason for dogs’ more extroverted and clingy behavior is due to their nature as social creatures. Dogs are directly descended from gray wolves, retaining their original conditioning as family-oriented animals. Needless to say, there are several significant differences between the two groups that have emerged over the generations.

What’s one difference you should know? Dogs sometimes struggle to be left alone because they aren’t adequately socialized to be by themselves. This difficulty can be made even worse due to the breed. 

Dog Breed #1: Borzoi

These elegant dog breeds are famed for their dainty physique and wispy, curling fur. Borzoi also have an independent streak that makes them well-suited to alone time. 

Did you know this dog breed used to go by the name ‘Russian Wolfhound’? Originally bred to hunt deer and rabbits, they’re now considered good dogs for single dog owners and couples. 

They’re calm and independent, though you should reconsider purchasing one if you have kids. The borzoi can be skittish and stubborn, which aren’t great traits to bring around rambunctious children!

Dog Breed #2: Basset Hound

This floppy, cuddly breed is quite popular among multiple demographics. With such an adorable and droopy face, it’s not hard to see why Basset Hounds are so famous!

The Basset Hound was originally bred for the purpose of helping hunters track swift animals, such as foxes or pheasants. Wonderfully enough, this breed has another very appealing trait for dog owners with little time on their hands. Basset Hounds are rather chill and are content to snooze or keep themselves busy when left alone.

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brindle greyhound standing outside surrounded by white lawn chairs

Dog Breed #3: Greyhound

Let’s add another sighthound to the mix! When you find your week filled to the brim with work, study, and errands, you can’t go wrong with a Greyhound.

These lightning fast dogs can hit forty-five miles per hour at top speed. Seems a little odd they thrive in quiet locations, right? Not at all! Since Greyhounds are compassionate and calm, noisy environments easily stress them out.

As long as you give your Greyhound regular exercise, they’re happy to be left alone for hours!

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Dogs need play and regular love to lead a happy life, including the independent ones. We at Try Run Ball are dedicated to providing pet owners with great toys, treats, and tricks to make this happen.

Dog Breed #4: Whippet

The last sighthound on the list is the iconic Whippet. They appear like a Greyhound, but much smaller and a touch more on the shy side.

These features are a boon if you live in a small apartment and don’t have a backyard for a bigger dog to run around in. The Whippet is an intelligent and relaxed breed, happy to wile away the hours in the corner of your room as you do chores. 
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Dog Breed #5: Shar Pei

This dog breed is instantly recognizable for two features: its wrinkly face and vibrant tongue. While some have pink tongues, it’s not uncommon to see purple or even blue!

The Shar Pei is a famous Chinese dog breed with a history as a protector. They are now considered to be prime family dogs that show great loyalty to their loved ones and a little justified suspicion of strangers. 

Shar Peis are on this list because they are perfectly happy being left to their own devices. As long as you socialize them properly at a young age, you’ll have a dog that’s self-assured and low-maintenance. 

older shar pei laying on a green carpet against a yellow wall


All modern dog breeds come with their own unique traits, habits, and appearances. As it stands, some dog breeds are better at being left alone than others.

The dog breeds that thrive best on their own include several sighthounds such as Greyhounds, Borzois, and Whippets. That said, Basset Hounds and Shar Peis are good choices for larger families that often go out. When choosing a dog breed, be honest about the demands of your lifestyle and whether you can properly meet the need of your new friend.

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