A little white puppy on tall green grass.

The Top 5 Dogs with the Cutest Puppies

Few things melt our hearts, like the sight of puppies. They're captivating, cuddly, and, despite ourselves, they make us smile. While all puppies are at the top of the cuteness table, some rise to levels of "adorableness" that surpass the others. Here are the top 5 dogs with the cutest puppies. 

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1 Retriever

Two Golden Retriever puppies on green grass.

Retrievers have some of the most loveable puppies: 

Golden Retrievers

The Golden retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the U.S. They're intelligent and loyal and make excellent family dogs. Golden retrievers are gentle-natured and are impressive in appearance. They're robust, medium-sized dogs who can live for 12 years. These dogs are trustworthy, easy-to-train, fun, and they have the cutest puppies! What's really great is that they keep their wonderful qualities into adulthood. 

Labrador Retrievers

Labrador retrievers continue to reign as 'America's Dog.' They're friendly, gentle with families, and all-around wonderful. Their puppies are one the cutest and fastest-growing of all dog breeds, reaching adulthood in only six months. They love to be active and engaged to be their best.  

2 Siberian Husky

Two Husky puppies play fighting.

Whose pups look more mischievous than Husky pups? These strikingly handsome dogs are true Northenders. They are smart, independent, and stubborn. They enjoy interacting with people but need a firm yet gentle hand when training. Huskies are bred for cold weather, so they have thick fur and plenty of undercoats. They're the happiest when they can run and be active. Husky puppies are every bit as handsome as their parents, with the same need to run. And like their parents, Husky pups don't bark very much, but they like to howl.  

3 Dachshund

A small Dachshund puppy on his owner’s arm.

Dachshunds make our list of cutest puppies because of their short legs and long bodies. The contrast is adorable. Although they don't look it, these dogs were bred as small game hunters of rabbits and badgers. These clever dogs love to interact with their families, play happily, or lounge around the house. Dachshund puppies are easy to maintain, adaptive to apartment living, independent, lively, and a little stubborn. Their deep brown eyes are hard to resist, as are their irresistible facial expressions. 

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4 Pugs

Two tiny Pug puppies - a brown one and a black one.

Source: https://www.akc.org/expert-advice/lifestyle/cute-puppies/ 

These adorable pups with the signature wrinkled brow were once desired by royalty in China thousands of years ago. They're curious, easy-to-train, people-pleasers who love their food so much that they're prone to overeating. Pugs can live up to 15 years, probably because they love to sleep so much. They are low-energy dogs and are best suited to families who are a little less active. Pug pups are irresistibly cute and should be trained early to curb some of their natural tendencies. 

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5 Pomeranian 

Pomeranian puppy.

Source: https://www.rd.com/list/cutest-dog-breeds/ 

Who can resist the teddy bear face of the Pomeranian puppy? This bold, extraverted, fox-faced bundle of fur is a little big dog - even when they're full grown. Poms bark a lot, especially when they feel threatened by bigger dogs. Despite that, they make great apartment dogs. As long as they're getting plenty of exercise, love, and attention, they'll make fantastic family dogs.  

Puppy Etiquette

Now that you have an adorable new pup, here are a few rules of puppy owner etiquette you may want to follow: 

Teach Them Good Behavior

Just like children, dogs aren't born understanding good behavior. They need to be taught the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behavior. As you train them, take into account their age and breed. Some breeds are easier to train, while others are a little more stubborn. Yelling or hitting your dog are NEVER good or effective methods to employ. 

Always Walk Your Dog on a Leash or Harness

Please don't be 'that' person who walks your dog with little regard for your dog's safety or the safety and wellbeing of others around you. The truth is, you don't know how your dog will react to surprises or unfamiliar situations, so having the means to control them is essential. Even if your dog is mostly well-behaved off-leash, people and other dogs may not appreciate their curiosity or playfulness. It's both safe and considerate to keep your dog on a leash when out. 

Scoop the Poop

If your dog poops in public, scoop it up. This is non-negotiable. Not only is it somewhat distasteful to leave behind your dog's poop on sidewalks or parks or anywhere at all, but it's also not safe. Dog poop contains bacteria and parasites that are harmful to other dogs and to people who may come into contact with it. Scooping up your dog's poop is easy and convenient and shows care for your environment, other dogs, and dog parents. 

Let Their Hello Be Quick and Positive

When your dog greets another dog, don't assume the other dog is okay with it. Check out the body language of both dogs to ensure they're both calm and relaxed. And make sure you're okay too because your dog picks up on your energy. If you're unsure or tense, they may be as well. A safe initial meeting is when they smell each other's rears, and then you move your dog away - quick and positive. 

If the other dog tries to make himself seem larger, or they become stiff, with fixed eyes, or their tail is held high, don't allow your dog near him. These aren't signs of friendliness. 

Understand That Some Barking is Okay

When you're a new dog-parent, you may feel overwhelmed by your dog's barking. Remember that their barking is a means of communication, so there are times when it's appropriate. But if your dog barks at EVERYTHING, they may need positive training.

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Final Thoughts

If you're looking for an adorable pup, the above list is just the beginning. Many dog breeds have the cutest puppies you've ever seen. Just remember that dogs grow up quickly, so don't take on a puppy if you aren't committed for the long term.  

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