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Should Dogs Wear Shoes?

When you go into the dog store, you will notice a wide variety of clothes for dogs. One item that you might not think about is shoes. While they look cute, is it really necessary for your pup to have a pair of shoes? Some shoes are just for fun, but others provide real benefits for your dog. 

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Why Does a Dog Need Shoes?

In many cases, your puppy will need shoes for the same reasons as a person. The sidewalk is made with hard materials, and there could be sharp objects on the surface. Along with that, the climate can play a large part in the decision to purchase dog shoes

If you live in an area with cold weather, you might want to use shoes to keep their paws nice and warm. On the other hand, those shoes can prevent burns on the paw and keep them cool. When you look at a dog’s paws, they are soft, and it doesn’t take much to cause injury to them. If you want to keep your dog’s paws safe, make sure to use shoes to protect them. 

Active Dogs and Shoes

If you have a dog that loves to be outside and explore, you might want to purchase shoes for them. These shoes can keep debris and objects from causing harm to their paws. Even walking in the park can be a hazard for your pup in the form of thorns, broken glass, and pricklers. You wouldn’t want to walk barefoot in the park, so why allow your dog to do the same?

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Does Your Dog Need Shoes for Daily Walks?

Those dog shoes will protect your dog’s pads from wearing down on a walk, and they can save their feet from the heat of the sidewalk. While many places are clean, there are not many threats in a typical setting. You might want to skip purchasing these shoes for your dog. Plus, the dog’s nails will be naturally filed down when they walk on a hard surface like a sidewalk

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Should Older Dogs Get Shoes?

In some cases, shoes are a great idea for those older dogs. An older dog is more prone to arthritis, and their paw pads can become extremely sensitive. If you are looking for a way to relieve some of that pain, shoes are the perfect way to give your pup a little extra padding

Make Your Dog a Little More Stylish

Unless your pooch is a diva, you might not want to purchase shoes just as a stylish accessory. Your dog really doesn’t care about the latest fashion trend, and most likely, shoes are just to impress your human companions. Dogs prefer to have nothing on their feet. If there is no reason for your dog to have shoes, then you might want to buy them, take a picture, and allow your dog to run naturally on the ground. 

Can Dog Shoes Stop Digging?

If you have a digger in the family, some shoes can effectively prevent them from destroying your yard. However, always consult your veterinarian to find the right option for your furry friend. 

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Reasons for Not Purchasing Dog Shoes

There are no benefits for wearing shoes in an indoor environment for those dogs that stay in a house. While they can prevent scratches on hard surfaces, it might be a better idea to trim your dog’s nails. 

Many backyards have dirt and grass, and there are not many threats to your dog’s paws unless there is a variety of thorns, splinters, or broken grass in those areas. 

When you take your dog for a short walk, there is no need for shoes. Your pup will prefer to walk on the sidewalk without something on his paws. Finally, some owners use shoes for their dogs at the beach since the sand can be hot. However, that is not necessary. Your dog will have much more fun when she can dig in the fun sand. You might want to purchase some treats for additional fun for your pup.

When To Buy Shoes

So under what situations should you buy shoes for your dog? If your dog spends time in the snow, you will want to purchase shoes to protect against the cold and potential frostbite. On the flip side, any dog that spends a significant amount of time on the side should think about using shoes for their dog. Finally, those owners with active dogs that take walks on trails and roads with debris might want to buy shoes for their pooch. 

Issues With Dog Shoes

Dogs will use their nails to maneuver and balance. Their claws will be similar to human fingers and hands. When they use shoes, that ability can be reduced for your dog. It would be like using a boxing glove on your hand to complete tasks. 

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Choosing the Right Dog Shoe Sizes

There is no set size for dog shoes. If you don’t buy the proper size, it can cause harm to your dog. In many cases, you can find sizes ranging from extra small to extra large

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Deciding On the Right Shoes for Your Dog

There are many benefits to dog shoes. On certain occasions, your puppy should use shoes to protect their feet. If you want dog shoes for style, make sure to take a picture and allow your dog to walk on its own paws. However, you might need to have a pair of shows in cases of extreme weather conditions or if your pooch has injured her feet to protect them. The decision to purchase shoes is up to you, but make sure you are using these shoes for the benefit of your dog. 

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